How do I remove Meeting Timer Classic from my meeting?

If you no longer need the BlueSky Timer in your Zoom meeting, you can remove it like any other participant. Inside Zoom, simply navigate to the Participant tab, select "more" next to the BlueSky Timer, and click "remove."

You'll need to be the meeting host or cohost to have removal permissions.

Please note that every time a BlueSky successfully joins a meeting, it counts as one meeting used towards your monthly limit. If you don't want the Timer to automatically attempt to join every meeting you host, we recommend turning off Auto Join and using Manual Join instead.

When you remove a participant, Zoom usually gives a popup stating that the participant won't be able to rejoin the meeting. But this doesn't apply to our BlueSky Timers, so you can still remove a Timer and invite a new one in later. From Zoom's perspective, every new Timer looks like a unique participant.

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