What is the Timer - Clock, Agenda, Countdown & Stopwatch app?

The Timer by BlueSky is here to keep your Zoom on track! The timer, clock, or agenda is highly visible to everyone inside the Zoom meeting. You and all your attendees will be able to clearly and quickly know how much time is left. No more losing track of time with the best Zoom meeting timer available!

Choose from clocks, countdowns, stopwatches, or agenda. You can select multiple display options, like showing the time as an overlay on top of your video or side by side with you. You can also remove your video altogether to show just the timer. Or have the timer just visible to you! The Timer by BlueSky is here to make your Zoom life easier.

Rather than keeping your clock or timer siloed in separate apps, this timer displays right inside your Zoom meeting, helping to keep you on track. The BlueSky Timer will be easy to see in Gallery View, as a Screen Share, or as a Webinar Panelist. Get started today!

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