I'm getting an error message when I copied and pasted an invite link from a Webinar with registration.

While we normally recommend you take the meeting invite link from a live meeting by clicking on the green shield icon in the top left corner (like this), this invite link won't work for a Webinar or meeting where registration is required. You'll want to make sure your invite link takes you directly to the Zoom Webinar or meeting, not a registration page. If you get an error message while trying to manually invite a Timer into a registration required Zoom Webinar or meeting, here's how to get the correct invite link.

Login to your Zoom account and click "Webinars" or "Meetings" on the left side. Find the your desired Webinar or meeting where you'd like the Timer to join. If this Webinar or meeting is not in progress, there will be a blue "Start" button. If the Webinar or meeting has been started, this blue button will say "Join." Right click this blue button and select "copy link address." The link should be something like this: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/77899664747.

Then simply input this link here to invite the Timer into your Webinar or meeting. If you haven't already listed [email protected] as a panelist for a Webinar, the Timer will join as an Attendee, and you'll need to promote to panelist within 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can follow these steps here so the Timer instantly joins as a Panelist, no promoting needed.

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