Can the Timer instantly join a Webinar as a Panelist, so I don't have to promote it during the meeting?

You can edit your webinar settings so that the BlueSky Timer instantly joins your Zoom Webinar as a panelist! With this method, you won't need to manually promote the Timer to panelist. Simply send a panelist invite to [email protected] before starting your webinar. Here's how to accomplish this, step by step:

Login to your Zoom account and click "Webinars" on the left side. Click the name of the scheduled Webinar in which you'd like to use the BlueSky Timer. In this image below, you'd click the name "My Webinar with BlueSky Timer."

Scroll down to the Invitations section. In the line that reads "Invite Panelists," click Edit:

Use the email address [email protected]. You can customize the name as desired. Click save. You're all set! 

Now when the BlueSky Timer joins this webinar, it will instantly join as a panelist, rather than an attendee. You can use either Auto Join or Manual Join; in both cases, the Timer will join as a panelist. Please note that once you've invited [email protected] to be a panelist, it takes about 1-2 minutes for our system to process the invitation. If you immediately invite the Timer into your meeting, it may join as an attendee and you'll need to manually promote to panelist.

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