I can't get the Timer's video on as a webinar panelist.

If you login to the Zoom website and look at the settings for your webinar, do you have video permissions turned on for panelists? You can edit these settings prior to a webinar, but not during. If these video settings are on when you start the webinar, the Timer should automatically have its video on.

If you accidentally have these video permissions for panelists turned off when you start the webinar, you should be able to still get video turned on. In the panelist tab, click "more" in the bottom right corner.

From there, you can select "Allow Panelists to Start Video."

That should bring the BlueSky Timer's video on automatically, but in case it doesn't, you can then click on the Timer's "more" button and "ask to start video."

That "ask to start video" option won't be available for the BlueSky Timer if you had panelist video permission off when you started the webinar, but the above steps will allow you to start panelists' video.

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