What's the difference between the display methods?

The Timer joins your meeting like an extra participant. Once it's joined, there are three display options for the Timer: Video, Share Screen, and No Display. You can switch between the options on the BlueSky Control Center.

The Video display method shows the Timer right alongside your other meeting attendees, shown below. You can also "pin" the Timer's video if you really want the time highly visible! You can customize what your attendees see in Gallery view with these steps.

With the Screen Share display method, you have use the Side by Side Gallery view to have the Timer off on the side, separate from your attendees (shown below). You can click and drag the bar separating the two sides, to make the Timer's screen as big or small as desired. More on that here. To use this display method, make sure you have enabled participants to share their screen.

If you need to share your own screen, you can turn the BlueSky Timer back to Video display, rather than Screen Share. While Zoom does allow multiple screen shares simultaneously, single monitors won't show both shared screens at the same time.

No Display is an option if you want the Timer to disappear from your meeting for awhile, until you're ready to have it show up again!

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