How can I set an Overlay for a cohost or participant?

While Zoom only allows you to edit your own video display (and thus your own Overlay) for privacy reasons, you can invite users in your meeting to set their own Overlay. They don't even need to download the app!

Open the Overlays app in your active Zoom meeting. In the top left corner of the apps side bar, click the share button:

You can select to share the app with all participants or just choose certain ones. Those users will then receive a message in the top right corner of their Zoom screen:

If they click "Open," they can then set their own Overlay! Your settings will automatically transfer over to those you share the app with, so they'll just need to update their name and/or title.

Note that this will only apply to that one active meeting. If they want to use Overlays on their own in future meetings, they can install the app on their own Zoom account.

Please also note that participants need to be on the desktop Zoom client to use the Overlays app.

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