How does One-Time Attendance work?

At any time in a meeting or webinar, you can manually select to take attendance. Simply click the One-Time Attendance tab in the apps sidebar.

You can also schedule a one-time attendance report. Below Manual Attendance, toggle the slider on next to "Scheduled."

Even though this feature will automatically take the scheduled attendance, you'll still need to open the Attendance Taker app in the Zoom client. If the app isn't open, attendance cannot be taken, manually or scheduled.

Please note that if you schedule attendance to be taken later in the meeting, you'll need to make sure your meeting goes that long! For example, if your scheduled attendance is set to collect the record 60 minutes into the meeting, but you ended the meeting at 45 minutes, the scheduled report will not be taken.

One-Time Attendance reports only make a record of who was in the meeting at the moment the report was taken:

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