How does Auto Attendance work?

Rather than manually selecting to take attendance, you can choose for our app to automatically take attendance at a certain time. Where you see "Automatic," drag the slider to the right to turn on this feature, as shown below.

You can customize at what point the attendance is taken. In the above example, attendance will automatically be taken 5 minutes into the meeting.

Even though this feature will automatically take attendance, you'll still need to open the Attendance Taker app in the Zoom client. If the app isn't open, attendance cannot be taken, manually or automatically.

Please note that if you select to have automatic attendance taken later in the meeting, you'll need to make sure your meeting goes that long! For example, if your auto attendance is set to collect the record 60 minutes into the meeting, but you ended the meeting at 45 minutes, no attendance record will automatically be taken. You'd need to manually take attendance.

The Attendance Taker only makes a record of who was in the meeting at the moment the report was taken. You may want to take multiple reports if you want to see who was present both at the start and the end of a meeting! You can take as many attendance reports as you'd like. As long as they're in one meeting, it will only count as one meeting used towards your monthly limit.

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